About Sir Albert Howard, Richard Higgins and HH-2

In 1995 Richard Higgins, farmer and entrepreneur, discovered the works of Sir Albert Howard CIE. MA. who was knighted for his 30 years research into organic farming during the last century. He is now known as the Grandfather of organic farming. Unfortunately for world agriculture his work slid into obscurity with the advent of the chemical industry following the end of the Second World War.

Over the last 22 years Richard has researched and tested the findings of Howard, particularly focusing on the fertility making practises that Sir Albert pioneered. Finding that land fertility is about generating the right fungi and bacteria Richard has condensed the entire process into easy to operate fertility making units know as HH-2. Because these units are so effective at reliably reproducing these organisms it means that you can just give them to anyone wanting to grow food and the business of farming is begun. The subsequent growing system that he has also developed is now available when one purchases or donates                                                           The HH-2 Horticultural System 

Due to the decline in soil fertility, agriculture is facing a tsunami of unsolved pest and disease problems. The increased use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides further compounds these problems. The HH-2 System has been demonstrated to be a highly effective organic alternative for the control of all types of agricultural pests and diseases.

Modern agricultural methods lead to high levels of carbon and moisture loss which increases the rate of  soil degradation. The solution to many of these problems was first identified by Howard through his research that reached many countries. He was way ahead of current carbon theories by first solving the problem of loss of soil moisture. This simple method of producing fertile top soil also produces the correct fungi and bacteria that enable rapid regeneration of all required soil organisms so that even ‘dead’ soil can again be brought into production.




By the simple introduction of the HH-2 equipment the right fungi and bacteria can again be introduced into any localised soil. Checking that there is good ground water management crops can again be grown and flourish.

We are now on the International platform to bring the remarkable HH-2 system to developing  countries to do three things

  •  Convert biomass and other organic wastes into fertiliser
  •  Safeguard sanitation from polluting water courses
  • Help reduce hunger, poverty and disease

Richard Higgins Biography (pdf)

 “Gardening should be more like farming and farming should be more like gardening”

Richard Higgins, at the Good Gardeners AGM 2007, where we met with head of horticulture, Grow Organic.

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