The HH-2 Horticultural System – The System for Sale

HH-2 is NOT an ordinary composting system. Although the operation is simple, the training by HH-2 staff, and following the guidelines is essential to enable pest and disease free cultivation of flowers or food crops.

The “secret” of the HH-2 system lies in the culture of specific fungi and bacteria that use thermophilic actions to make a potent fertiliser/soil “conditioner” from general waste inputs.

So potent is this “conditioner” that the need for yearly digging and ploughing ceases. The natural soil profile is restored, compaction is avoided, rainfall is
captured and carbon is continually sequestered.

This is all achieved through the use of the HH-2 “Hot Boxes” which can be filled with any type of waste of organic origin including:
• Farm waste, pet and animal waste
• Household Waste
• Market waste, including green wastes
• Cooked food waste
• The system can be used as a Human waste digester using the special HH-3 DRY Toilet system (optional extra)

A simple HH-2 Horticultural System Package includes the following:

 One pair of HH-2 Hot Boxes and various specific equipment
 Site survey to identify suitable site installation
 Ground levelling and installation of the Hot Boxes
 Identification of suitable useable materials and storing of them
 Training day on site in the use of the HH-2 and starting the loading of the first Hot Box
 Further site visit after 6 days to add the live fungus and start the loading of the second Hot Box
 Further site visit after 14 days to supervise first removal of HH-2 contents and training in the ongoing treatment process
 Full operational manual with timing chart etc.

Optional Extra
The HH-2 system can also be employed as a sanitation system in conjunction with the HH-3 DRY Toilet system.

It takes just 90 days to produce the first batch of finished product. If operating at optimum inputs every pair of HH-2 hot boxes can produce up to 1 ton per month or up to 12 tons per year (season dependent), which will cover around 6,000 m² (.67 acres) of previously unproductive land.

The HH-2 system is fully scalable and multiple pairs of Hot Boxes can be installed at any one location. It is also possible to scale up for commercial output production.

All types of pests and disease are reduced to an absolute minimum and there are no slugs, snails or caterpillars in the growing site nor rust in wheat, flea beetle in brassicas etc.

The lead professor of Sustainable Systems at Rothamsted Research, Professor John Crawford, has visited the HH-2 farm and witnessed a 300% increase in crop production.

Cabbages of 3kg, beetroots of 3.4kgs and 19 inch parsnips were also produced.

You can now start to grow your own nutrient rich crops from your own unique soil preserver, soil rejuvenator and automatic pest controller.

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