HH-4 fertiliser/soil conditioner

HH-4 Plant Medicine is a 100% organic plant food with minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Trade prices available for shops. Request full list at    info@ggi.org.uk

Recommended for all types of beds for all types of plants, including all fruiting trees, ornamentals, shrubs and flowers. Many instances of bringing the Boxus shrub back to life has been found with HH-4 Plant Medicine and indeed the same applies to any shrub.

Free postage to Mainland UK. Ask for a postage quote for anywhere else.

3 litres       £6.70

4 litres      £8.60

6 litres      £9.55

8 litres     £10.50

10 litres   £11.45

20 litres  £16.20


PREVENTS SLUGS, SNAILS and CATERPILLARS  in vegetables, ornamentals and flowers.                                       

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