HH-6 Seedling and Potting Compost

Trade prices available for shops – please request the list from info@ggi.org.uk

Recommended for seedlings and all potted plants; fruiting and non fruiting trees, shrubs and flowers                     

top with 25 mm  of HH-4 for extra feed  for fruiting pot plants

Growing tip: We use HH-6 for all our seedling trays and for potting on, When it comes to the time for planting out ensure there is a dressing of HH-4 around each plant. Better results are always achieved with this product when you don’t dig or rake over the soil.

This is available, including postage to Mainland UK. Ask for a postage quote for anywhere else.

3 litres      £6.65

4 litres      £8.54

6 litres      £9.50

8 litres      £10.45

10 litres    £11.40

15 litres   £13.45

20 litres   £14.99



PLEASE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW and enter and pay for each size bag you require.  YOU MUST ALSO INCLUDE   –  a mobile phone number and an email address                                                                                                                                                                                                                            this is the carriers requirement.

shipping times  (will be notified here)  minimum of 3-5 working days.                             


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