Instructions for Use

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HH-4  Plant Medicine

contains biochar and volcanic rock dust

Essential for all Boxus shrubs. Apply 1 inch (25mm) around top of shrubs

HH-4 is a high concentrate balanced organic feed. Ideal dressing for all shrubs in pots or in the ground.  Ideal for growing larger and healthier fruits and vegetables
Apply 1 inch (25mm)  thick  around any garden plants to the surface only. Do not rake or dig into soil.  For optimum results apply to garden surface, 3 months ahead of planting and water in, ensuring all perennial weeds are removed. Will stop all types of slugs snails and caterpillars.

HH-6  Potting & Seed Compost

for flowers, shrubs and trees for use on balcony’s, patios, roof tops and gardens. Can be supplemented with a 1 inch (25mm) dressing of HH-4 around top of pots. Or repot with same compost your plant came in in larger pot with HH-4 packed round the root ball and on top.
Perfect for root cuttings  – you won’t need any rooting hormone powder.

HH-7 Vermi Compost

Apply same as HH-4 on garden beds – will start the breeding cycle of millions of worms for you.

• Potting mix will deter slugs, snails and caterpillars
• Use HH-4 on garden bed scale and STOP the above
• Contains minerals, vitamins and proteins which
prevent plant disease and enhance human health
• Carbon negative product – made from recycled waste
• Blended with rock dust and charcoal for longevity
• Will increase fruiting capacity up to 300%
• Enhances flavour in fruits and vegetables and
minerals in these products enhance their keeping power
• Boost your immune system and boost your health with your own
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These fully organic products are not heat treated at packing and so are not recommended for indoor use