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Meet the people working to develop local solutions for global problems.

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Richard Higgins, Chairman & CEO

Richard Higgins NDA., PDC., Philosopher and Holistic Scientist is the Founder and Director of Sustainable Agriculture London and the chairman of Good Gardeners International.

Richard was raised on a Somerset mixed farm in the UK and studied his NDA at the Royal Berkshire College of Agriculture. He later completed a ten-year postgraduate study of the fertility making works of Sir Albert Howard while travelling and teaching from China to Hawaii.

Howard is now considered the Grandfather of organic farming and his research from the Permanent Agriculture of the east (which is where the term Permaculture was derived), and the growing system that he employed in conjunction with the Good Gardeners No Dig technology has formed the foundation of the Howard-Higgins Horticultural system today. 

Support Team

  • Amie Higgins AAT., Treasurer
  • Tammi Gustafson, Environmentalist and Community Leader
  • Alison Appiah, Ghanaian Consultant, Health Practitioner & Schools Programmes UK 
  • Brendan Greene, Kenya Consultant, agricultural contracts specialist
  • Emma Greenwood, Grolav International promotion and marketing
  • Julie Felix, our patron (opposite)
  • Richard Higgins Chairman and CEO
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Principal Officers

  • Chief executive and chief operating officer: Richard Higgins has spent his whole adult life researching and developing sustainable living practices

  • Executive director of science and conservation: Since 1995 Richard Higgins has worked with scientific institutions and Universities to bring in the technology of producing fertiliser based on fungi and bacteria.

  • Africa Consultant, Brendan Greene,  with over 20 years of experience in Africa. Has started farms and food processing businesses in Kenya. He now lives in Birmingham with his family and runs our Birmingham office.

  • Emma Greenwood has partnered her companies Dorset Bio Solutions and Grolav International with GGI to help promote their technology to the world. 

The Good Gardeners demonstration farm has also had many visitors from all over the world.

NorgesVel, part of The Royal Norwegian Society, Dorset Bio Solutions and Rothamsted Reseaerch have sent their senior advisors to visit the Good Gardeners Demonstration farm.

Trustees & Professional Services

Trustees Emeriti

Ramsay Shewell Cooper, Arkley Manor, Barnet (deceased)

David Wilkin, Pinetum Estate, Gloucestershire

Professional Services

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Paul Bradley, chartered accountants, Gloucestershire



Lloyds Bank


Our Partners

We work with incredible partners to install, scientifically test and verify our HH systems again and again

Support Us

We work tirelessly to install our solutions to help tackle some of the biggest problems we face – sustainable waste management, pollution free farming and our DRY sanitation system. With your help, we can accelerate this work.

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