HH-4 Plant Medicine with Nematodes

HH-4 Plant Medicine is a 100% organic plant food with worm castings and nematodes which has the capacity to stop slugs snails and caterpillars. It is also an optimum fertiliser and soil conditioner all in one that means you do not have to plough or dig your soil. It is to be noted that this is still the first and only product, as far as we know, that is available anywhere in the world that has these properties.

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Recommended for all types of beds for all types of plants, including all fruiting trees, ornamentals, shrubs and flowers. Many instances of bringing the Boxus shrub back to life has been found with HH-4 Plant Medicine and indeed the same applies to any shrub.

Plant Medicine with Nematodes

Pet friendly, bird friendly and hedgehog friendly!

HH-4 contains Nematodes that treat many common soil-dwelling baddies, such as slugs, vine weevil, chafer grubs, leatherjackets and even ant nests. Wire worms will go away.

HH-4 is naturally brilliant for vegetable and fruit growers it deals with the underground larval stage of common veg pests such as sawflies, onion flies and codling moth and you don’t have to use any extra product to get rid of them. Also you will not need nets to stop the carrot fly etc.,


It’s all in HH-4. Without any chemicals at all, snails will disappear too. HH-4 is friendly to Nature and totally organic, there is no product like it on the market. It is a fertiliser and pesticide in one!

HH-4 for grape vines
Prevent fungus attacks in vines etc., Apply around whole root zone three months before the growing season –   stops fungal attacks and vine weevil, mildew and downey mildew.

Store the bags in a cool place out of direct sunlight, to preserve the Nematodes. Once applied to ground try and keep HH-4 mulched lightly over with non seeding grass cuttings. This will help feed and preserve the system so you won’t have to keep buying Nematodes.

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PREVENTS SLUGS, SNAILS and CATERPILLARS  in vegetables, ornamentals and flowers.                                       

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