Farm Visits

We welcome farm visits when our staff are available to give guided tours.

This will give you a good insight into what we do and why we do it.

Starting at the South, lower end of our farm you will see the most wild part of our farm and see how we have kept the indigenous flowering trees that become the first Bee food of the year. Going on up past our strawbale kitchen, fully insulated classroom and compost toilet shed (with solar lights!) you will then pass our charcoal making factory where we process waste wood etc., into charcoal. This is an important additive for fertility making. Next is our double insulated greenhouse that is perfect for germinating indigenous seeds and for housing the young seedlings. The HH-2 Compost factory is being housed under a large plastic tunnel for the weather’s sake and then our no dig gardens start. This is lined all up the north east side for added protection from the cold winds with fruit trees, that are pruned espallier style. These are backed by a native hedgerow for further protection from the cold. A small polytunnel houses our transplants, by our ornamental garden and then we are up to our two polytunnels that protect us from the harsh north winds. These shelter lines of fruit bushes and house oriental plants and roots. You can view our tool shed that has a minimal range of specialist tools as we are the founders of the No Dig technology in the UK (1962).

Visits are currently closed for guided tours

Entry is £15.00 per person, £10 for under 10’s and under 5’s go free. If you join as a member your entry fees for you and or your family will be refunded. You can join the Good Gardeners here

Please wear warm enough clothes and suitable foot ware according to the weather and you will have an enjoyable and informative tour of the farm.