Food Right Now Africa

This little project in Seeta Village, near Kampala has been running for 5 years and is doing all it can to feed orphans in the surrounding area some of which are lucky enough to have school.

The ten staff have asked the Good Gardeners to post an appeal for them budgeting  for the HH-2 Horticultural System so that they will be able to produce super healthy food themselves and their distribution rogramme and with the HH-3 DRY toilet system convert their pit latrines to a DRY sanitation System which will avoid the contamination of their drinking water.








food right now Africa is doing great work in Uganda with help of 20 uk sponors x

Donate here and set them up with a productive sanitation system and a horticultural system that will provide food  free of chemicals for 20 years. The budget divided into 20 years  equates to a cost of £3.42  per day

Budget  £24,660.50