Nawanatau Primary School, Moroto, Uganda

Dear Friends

Greetings my name is Birungi Diana  Programs coordinator  at
Support a Karamoja Child in Moroto District of Uganda, am writing to
you to inquire if  we can have an application form for grant in your
organisation,Support a Karamoja child is a registered christian charity
organisation oriented to support children in education, ensuring water
sanitation, Providing scholastic materials, Empowering the Karamojong
women economically,Agriculture and afforestation and above all
teaching the word of God,Our mission is to see this region match with the rest of changing areas.
This is so because Karamoja is known for its backwardness for any one
to believe that only 15% of children in this area go to school and
without books, nothing to eat and move long distances to school,when
you look at the families they come from  where also parents are
helpless, right from where they sleep no mattresses, no Blankets,The
food they eat, this is where they eat or have a meal after 3days.These people mainly rear animals and so their land is also fertile for
agriculture but they have been politically neglected that you may
think its not a part of Uganda and over that this Karamoja region is
also rich in minerals like  gold,etc but you cant imagine the
situation in this area,The organisation wants to set up water re-servers at Naunatawu Primary
school because this is a dry area children can’t go to school because they
they have to look for water for the animals and they have not fully
known the need of education the water re-servers will help both the
school and the community  at large to have the water all year around
and so children will go to school, hygiene will be restored at school
hence elimination of  diseases.The concerned community shall have water also for home use and
therefore will have to appreciate the the good work of the
organisation and therefore will know and realize the abundance of God.Now we have heard from you  we shall present our staff list, photos and full address.
God bless you.
Yours sincerely Diana Birungi
Co-ordinator at Support a Karamoja Child, Moroto District.

PROJECT: To establish a closed loop fully sustainable system of highly nutritious food growing, without the use of chemicals, for the children of the school and to set up a productive (fertiliser) DRY sanitation system to avoid polluting their drinking water from pit latrines etc.,

Name of the School:  Nawanatau Primary School
Location: Moroto District 10 km from Moroto Town and 320 km from Kampala (Capital City)
Number of Child that our project supports: 50
Names of Employees:
1. Diana Birungi- Programs Coordinator & Founder
2. Elsie Nakagolo – Treasurer
3. Kanene Alex – Mobilizer
4. Hellen Angom – Coordinator on ground and Deputy Headmistress Nawanatau Primary School C/O PO.Box 4 Moroto
5. Flavia Namwaya – Secretary
Best Regards,
Diana Birungi
For the total number of persons on this site, 55, we propose to install two HH-3 DRY toilets after capping off any existing toilet system be it pit latrines or septic system.
Only one set of HH-2 will be necessary to digest this amount of waste and produce our optimum fertiliser.

All the kitchen waste, household waste and garden waste can be collected to fuel the system with a small amount of rice straw that may be found locally and brought to the school.

Request for financial support to implement the school garden project for Good Gardeners International to install the DRY sanitation system HH-3, with the Waste Management recycling System HH-2 and the Horticultural growing system

With your help this small school could easily be growing all their own highly nutritious food right in front of the school building.  The HH-2 Horticultural System is a wholly sustainable system that can continue on into the future once the staff are trained in the minimal management and maintenance of the system.





write to for bank transfer details in the UK. This will save fees.

or donate through paypal from overseas




Over 25 years the entire sanitation system, the waste management system and the food growing system will cost each person £0.04 pence per day.

See how we sell HH-4 the finished fertiliser made from the HH-2 system here on – just type in HH-4 or paste this link into your browser.  The school could also sell HH-4 at African prices locally.