HH-2 (Ally) Twin Box Fertiliser Making System With Gas Struts


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This amounts to  47p per day for your own fertiliser making system that automatically stops Slugs, Snails and Caterpillars. The HH-2 (Ally) maintains the correct moisture/air balance for the generation of optimum organic fertiliser. It’s slightly smaller than the green fibreglass HH-2 system because one fits inside the other (1 cubic metre unit). It is robust, rat proof and fly proof, insulated and lockable with stainless steel fittings. Guaranteed for 20 years. Sold as a pair. Price exclusive of VAT.  If, however, you are a small holder not registered for VAT you can order here for a non VAT sale.


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Experience the revolution in compost making – How to produce a world class organic fertiliser in 90 days.
The Good Gardeners charity are the founders of the No Dig System in the UK.
And we now release to the world.

The HH-2 SuperFast Composters which includes the HH-2 Horticultural system.  The Rolls Royce of composters; the fruit of 25 years research from Good Gardeners International, reg charity 255300 that brings automatically to an absolute minimum all manner of pests and diseases in Horticulture and Agriculture on any soil type.

These are the ‘creme de la creme’ of composters. They are different because they are insulated, have the right ventilation, moisture control and come with the all important formula to produce the right fungi and bacteria for SuperFast digestion of wastes. Therefore they are Ideal for Glamping sites (as a waste management and sanitation system), All Off Grid installations, large gardens, allotments, small holdings and market gardens.

  • They are insulated rat proof and fly proof and have no moving parts or energy hook up.
  • They ensure every load is fully composted to 65-70 degrees C for three days
  • Full pathogen kill achieved
  • Removal at 14 days. First stage completed.
  • Shop ready reliable and consistent product in a total of 90 days.
Each pair:  One fits inside the other for ease of transport
Anti theft device included
Sell the finished compost, which has the guaranteed property of being the world’s first automatic pesticide as well                          This system completely replaces the need for any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides in your growing system
makes up to 12 tons of compost per year. Takes half an hour a day to operate.
Now fertiliser prices have gone through the roof you will be in business with this baby.
items you can include for composting
  • uncooked food waste including oranges, citrus fruits, avocados, mangoes and their pips (stones)
  • cooked food waste from Restaurants, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals etc.,
  • animal manure, pet waste, stable manure
  • diseased plant waste, all yard sweepings, drain clearances etc.,
  • even sanitation waste collected in our HH-3 toilets (if so desired, but not essential)
  • Sell the finished compost from £500 – £2,000 per ton pro rata (as we do)
  • full colour operators manual – the secrets of making organic fertiliser FAST that automatically stops slugs, snails and caterpillars etc., included
Commercial orders are plus VAT – if you are VAT registered
Free shipping in the UK
For orders outside of the UK please contact us   info@ggi.org.uk  for shipping prices
  • Human effluent in enclosed bio liners from any of our HH-3 DRY toilet designs
  • Can include female sanitation waste (MHM)
  • All will have disappeared in the first 14 days 
  • You will be able to run courses on this world leading technology
  • Sell the finished compost from £500 – £2,000 per ton pro rata (as we do)
Capacity is four DRY toilet bio liners per day for six days = up to 24 toilets per week continually in each system.
Optional extra Gas Struts for easy opening while loading. Add £300. (not guaranteed for 25 years)
Free shipping with pallet force routes in the UK 
Message us for world-wide shipping.
[N.B. This is an advanced sanitation disposal system researched and developed by world leading expert on composting and sanitation reuse  Richard Higgins, Director of Good Gardeners International. ”HH-2 is the safest, fastest, most reliable and most productive
sanitation system on Earth.”
If you are a University type person and are feeling skeptical have the science tested for yourself. We have analysed and tested the system on dog waste, cat waste and other pet wastes innumerable times over the years in different countries. No harmful organisms, parasites or pathogens have ever been found, even at the 30 day period. No individual or University have come up with this technology including all the ones we have presented to…mostly Micro biology Depts.,: ..I.E. Warwick, Oxford, Harper Adams, Cranfield, Silsoe Research Institute (foot and mouth disease),  Coventry (the Howard Memorial Lecture), The Institute of Brain Chemistry (nutrition), The Mother and Child Foundation (maternal nutrition), Chelsea and Westminter Hospital (pathogenic control), University of Port Au Prince and University of Kampala (prevention of ground water pollution to make fertiliser), Columbia University (MHM sanitation for Schools), Norgesvel (sanitation remediation and food security, East Africa), Save the Children (Mozambique), Wageningen University (banana wilt),  Greenwich University (Engineers Without Borders), Also Oxfam (sanitation remediation and food security), Caritas (refugee health), CRS (sanitation remediation, funded at Haiti),  WFP (food security), ICRC, (sanitation and prevention of disease for the Red Cross) the UNDP, the UNEP, Water Aid (waterless sanitation for Africa), Slum Dwellers International (Kenya),The James Hutton Institute, NIAB (Innovation farms), Rothamsted Research (pests and disease prevention in crops), Wellsbourne Research Station (pests and disease prevention in crops) The Elm Farm Organic Research Centre (crop Protection), Brogdale Research (prevention of pests and diseases in fruit trees), Waltham Pet care Science Institute (Dog Waste disposal), The Rodale Institute (mycorrhizal fungi), Paul Stamets (mycoremediation, medicinal fungi), Kew Gardens (mycology dept., identification), Cornell University (terrapreta), The RHS (black spot in roses cure),  Pershore College of Horticulture, Schumacher College, The Eastern and Ottly Agrcultural College, The Soil Association (remediation of farm wastes and sanitation proposal for organic standards), The Soil Food Web Institute (ORFC), producing fertility from waste), The UK Environment Agency who gave full approval for our system at the Solar Eclipse event of 1995  and The John Innis Centre….who stated “it takes Nature between 500 to 1,000 years to produce top soil. You have produced fertile top soil in 90 days”


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