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the affects are amazing. A common problem everywhere is with the shrub Boxus. They are seen going yellow and brown because they do not get enough nutrients. Dress with HH-4 and problem solved!
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HH-4   –  PLANT MEDICINE    No slugs, snails or caterpillars      –      you need nothing else!
The Good Gardeners have formulated this fully organic product over 20 years and are affiliated with the Royal Horticultural Society.  This product is not only a fertiliser it is a soil conditioner as well. DO NOT DIG OR RAKE INTO SOIL. Apply to surface only and water in. This is how to condition your soil the Good Gardeners way, spreading Nematodes and saving valuable carbon and moisture, all at the same time.
HH-4 contains not only worm casts but also worm food as well, Volcanic Rock Dust and Charcoal (Biochar). Thus it generates huge quantities of worms in your soil.   When your soil is fertile you will encounter virtually no pests or diseases in all your crop types and your yields will increase up to 300%.
For pot plants add up to 25mm around the top of the pot. For perennials that have dwindled re pot, placing HH-4 round the root ball and on the surface. You can rejuvenate any plant type. 
For prevention of pests and diseases, on a whole bed, cover the whole bed 3 months ahead of planting and ensure all perennial weeds are removed.
For black spot in roses apply to root zone and water in. Apply in spring, before flowering and again in winter if the condition persists. The leaves will go greener and shinier than your roses without black spot! No chemicals needed. Note: this is far cheaper and much less effort than having to continually apply chemical sprays.

Contains Nematodes

HH-4 treats many common soil-dwelling baddies, such as vine weevil and chafer grubs, leatherjackets and even ant nests.

HH-4 is naturally brilliant for vegetable and fruit growers it deals with the underground larval stage of common veg pests such as sawflies, carrot flies, onion flies, black fly, green fly, white fly and codling moth and you don’t have to use any extra product to get rid of them and no netting required.


It’s all in HH-4. Without any chemicals at all, snails will disappear too. HH-4 is friendly to Nature and totally organic, there is no product like it on the market. It is a fertiliser, pesticide and soil conditioner all in one!

HH-4 for vines
Prevent fungus attacks in vines etc., Apply around whole root zone three months before the growing season –   stops fungal attacks and vine weevil, mildew and downey mildew.




I would like to purchase more of the HH-4 product.  I first made a purchase at the Herts Garden Show at Knebworth where you had a stand.  I have used the bag I bought and found it to be very successful in the stopping of slugs and snails.

Please let me have sizes and prices                                                                                                                                       Many thanks, Annie Munns, Knebworth. 10th June 2018

Reply: Please see   and type in HH-4                                                         If you require larger quantities of HH-4 please write to us on the contacts page.     Or to see the HH-2 equipment that makes HH-4 go to SALES

“HH-4 fertiliser and soil conditioner is absolute MAGIC. I wish i had used it from the beginning of the season. But being a cheapskate I tried making my own and buying rotted manure. The slugs ravaged everything i planted. Finally, i went and bought 30 litres from the Good Gardeners.  When i go early morning slug hunting now, i find the slugs in some kind of stupor at the boundary of this compost which i have put around each plant. They are not dead, but in some type of comatose stupor….and they haven’t ravaged my plants. When i put them in the bucket to put out in the park, they regain their senses. 
I don’t know how his compost works….but it really is magic.
It prevents all types of disease and parasites from attacking plants. Next year i shall buy a few bags and cover my whole vegetable patch. If you adopt this No Dig HH-4 growing system, you will not require any pesticides or herbicides. Also you will not require HH-4 every year, especially when it comes to root crops. That works out cheaper than buying cheap compost every year and using some form of pesticides with it.”  Zara Anderson, Bushey.
“We have been using HH-4 for three years now on herbacious borders on large private estates and where plants have suffered from pest infestations and from lack of moisture – with incredible results.” Brambles Garden Design, Broxbourne, Herts.
Extremely high quality compost like nothing I’ve seen. Deters slugs!!, “ James Compton, Edgware.
” Great Product”, Mr. Jones, Leicester.
“Miraculous”, Guntis Lans, Latvia. 
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