Royal Society



Following the visit to the Good Gardeners Demo farm Professor Michael Crawford, chairman of the IBCHN., research director of the Mother and Child Foundation and chairman of the McCarrison Society invited Richard to a lecture at the Royal Society, in London.

This lecture was about the state of world health over the 50 year study that has been carried out by the IBCHN., (Institute for Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition)

The upshot of this lecture was that due to the decline in the nutritional uptake of the various indigenous populations of the world their graph showed from high to low the measured results of the state of mental health in each country.

“Depletion of these minerals and trace elements in our food results in a deficit in mental health” (Crawford, Imperial College London. IBCHN)

The conclusion of this lecture was that the worlds greatest fear is mental health….

Speaking in this lecture were members of the team of the IBCHN.,


DR MANAHEL THABET, PHD Deputy Director Deputy Director: Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition.
DR. YIQUN WANG, MPHIL, PHD. Director of Research Chief Biochemist, Institute of Brain Chemistry & Human Nutrition, UK; Senior Researcher, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, UK