Kamagaga village, Kisumu County, Kenya



Joshua Atieno

Mon, Dec 17, 8:21 PM


To the Director, Good Gardeners International.

greetings. we are a small charity helping village farmers in kenya. we
need to link with you to help us. hope to hear from you.

Dear Joshua

Thank you for your email.
In order for us to help you we need to get a written proposal onto our web site
so that we can post it to attract funding.
Proposal from Joshua:
 kamagaga village garden/farming project
 The village is called kamagaga in a county called kisumu in kenya. The population of the village is about 2000 people. The land is black cotton soil suitable for growing so many kinds of crops . they plant rice, and yam and maize. There is a running water nearby which actually does not go dry at all. The land we inetend to use as a garden is 3 acres .
 Most of young children die because of mulnutrition and hence there is a need to plant different kinds of food to improve nutrition in this area. The garden shall also give job to widows because they will work there…infact i like the idea of the organic that destroys pest in the soil. we have a lot of problems here with our vegetables. so many insects are here that destroys and we use commercial fertilizer which is very harmfull. i am looking forward to see in practice what you do to help in the gardens.
 The project will serve as a centre of example to other villages around and help expand food production technology in other areas. soil will also gain fertility with your system and different crops will be planted. we also need so much the training for the villagers on farming techs.
Should there be a need we shall need piping systems to take water to the farm which is 500 metres from the school.
The village is situated  in the western part of kenya in kisumu county . it is 40km east of ksiumu and 7 hours drive from nairobi. 20 widows will work on the farm on rotational basis ie 6 hours a day, they will weed and take care of the farm. i am happy about the toilets indeed this will be good source of manure. we have a school nearby of 120 children . It will be good if they use the toilets for the benefit .
Note from the Director of Good Gardeners:
Budget:  £17,937.50
please write to   info@ggi.org.uk   if donating from the UK for bank transfer details. This will save fees.
or donate through Paypal from overseas

Your donation will set them up with healthy nutritious food and safe productive toilets, which will protect their drinking water for 25 years. With the 120 children in the school and the staff and the staff on the gardens this will equate to a cost of 7 pence per person per week.