Leave A Legacy

Securing Good Gardeners’ future, enabling us to continue our vital work.

Supporting Our Future

One of the key features of Good Gardeners International is sustainability. Legacies – gifts to the charity in Wills – are one of the best ways to ensure that The Good Gardeners work continues into the future.

Everyone should have an up to date Will, regardless of age and especially if you travel a lot. A Will means you can determine what happens to your money, property and belongings. It gives you peace of mind – and it also saves your close family unnecessary stress at an unavoidably distressing time.

Another great benefit of leaving a legacy to The Good Gardeners Intl is that it’s effectively a major gift postponed: it costs you nothing in your lifetime.

Writing Your Will

Good Gardeners have teamed up with the National Free Wills Network to offer a Free Will to our supporters who are aged 50 or over. The Network connects you with a solicitor near you who can write a straightforward Will for you free of charge. If your requirements are complicated rather than simple, you may have to pay the solicitor for the extra work – but the ‘simple Will’ element remains free.

You’re not obliged to include a legacy to the Good Gardeners but it’s a wonderful opportunity to do something significant for a cause close to your heart. 

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What Do I Have To Think About?

One of the main reasons people don’t get round to writing their Will is that they worry that it’s complicated. Our Will Planner helps you to consider all the key questions. All you do is fill out the form and a solicitor local to you will send you the will or be available for questions.

How To Make A Gift In Your Will

If you have a solicitor already and you would like them to write your Will, just make an appointment. It might be useful to take the completed Will Planner with you.

If you are 50 or older, you can contact us if you would like to use a Network solicitor. We will need your address to provide a choice of solicitors near you.

What Kind of Gift Can I Make?

There are three types of gift people make: 

  • a cash sum (what the legal folk call a pecuniary legacy) – for example £500 or £5,000;
  • a share of your estate (known as a residuary legacy) which means that, having made all your other gifts to family and friends, you leave the rest to your favourite cause;
  • a specific legacy – it could be jewellery, a collection or property.
  •  The solicitor will discuss the options with you.

How Does Making a Will and Leaving a Legacy Help?

Without an up to date Will, the government’s intestacy laws decide what happens to your money and property – sometimes with outcomes you won’t have expected. Having a Will avoids all that.

Good Gardeners will be able to use your gift to continue its work way into the future. You might want to earmark your legacy for a specific project, but it’s probably best if you can leave the trustees of the charity to decide its best use when the time comes. All you have to do is fill out the form and a local solicitor will contact you to send you the will or answer any questions you may have.