HH-2 Twin Box Fertiliser Making System (also with Paypal finance)


Over it’s 20 year life this amounts to 82p per day for your own fertiliser making system. The system is sold in pairs. They are insulated, rat proof and fly proof and they maintain the correct moisture balance which ensures the optimum heat curve for the generation of optimum fertiliser. Guaranteed for 20 years. Price exclusive of VAT. If you are a smallholder and not registered for VAT contact us we can arrange a non VAT sale for you.

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Our new model comes with Stainless steel hinges and a stainless steel padlock hasp. HH-2 fertiliser making systems comply with all Environmental Health and Environment Agency regulations for disposal of pet waste, farm and stable waste, household waste, paper cardboard, shredded paper, cooked food and uncooked food waste. With a combined capacity of  2.12m3  the system can also be used for processing both components from the our HH-3 DRY compost toilet or from any compost toilet. It ends up as a completely safe fertiliser – all tried and tested over 25 years. All labs reports show that pathogens destroyed at 30 days in both this and and HH-2 (Ally) system.

The unique world leading technology means the system can continually digest all the above wastes in the first 14 day period that can include female sanitation waste. This feature attracted the attention of Columbia University as it is the first equipment anywhere which can do this. These specially insulated Hot Boxes are designed with no moving parts or electrical hook up and produce the remarkable end product HH-4 in just 90 days. Units are guaranteed for 20 years with spare parts available.

They are rat proof and fly proof and generate an optimum fertiliser in just 90 days. (HH-4) This material has to be applied to the ground without digging or ploughing according to the Operators Manual; available with the purchase of equipment. Yields can be increased from 300-500% from conventional growing systems.

Developed over 25 years and the concept was demonstrated at the Haiti earthquake 2010 where we developed the first urine separator footplate for OXFAM. See approval from WEDC water Engineering Development Committee (on location film available in Haiti, with Bob Dylan soundtrack – The Times They are A’changin).

Over a 20 year period the equipment will work out at 82p per day, for your own organic fertiliser making equipment. If you sell the fertiliser the system can be paid for in one year, which means you will have a free fertiliser making machine for 19+ years! How good is that? A major contribution to carbon saving and the fight against climate change.

Comes with free

  • long stem thermometer of your choice F or C
  • encapsulated temperature graph charts (reusable)
  • central security ground bolt as an anti theft device
  • full colour operators manual – the secrets of making fertiliser

2 reviews for HH-2 Twin Box Fertiliser Making System (also with Paypal finance)

  1. Fergus Quinn

    I purchased the HH-2 system in early 2016 and have used it year after year with amazing results. I run a gardening company where huge volumes of garden waste are coming in every day. Alongside this I recycle food waste from a local food bank.
    I can safely transform this waste into optimum fertiliser and soil conditioner in 90 days. It comes with a full colour guide to the recipe as originally developed by Sir Albert Howard in India 100 years ago and updated for use today by Richard Higgins the current Director of the Good Gardeners charity.

    The system has paid for itself as I sell the consistent fertiliser back to customers. The vegetables grown are free from pests such as slugs, snails and caterpillars. its very durable system and is ideal for gardeners, schools, smallholdings and farms.
    Fergus Quinn, Hertfordshire.

  2. Richard Higgins

    These original designs made in the Victorian Era are peerfect for using with The HH-2 Horticultural System. Because the surface tilth is so soft it makes it possible to use these pwerless machines with ease. First class product.

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