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Every donation, no matter how large or small, makes a massive difference to us continuing our work and supporting ongoing projects. When making your donation put the name of the project or country it is for.

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Every Donation Helps

Whether it’s £5 or £50,000 just one time or each month, every donation we receive goes towards supporting our vital projects, both here in the UK and across the world.  We can build straw bale villages for the Ukraine refugees, Set up waste management systems and provide effective sanitation. Then we can start them growing food right there in their villages… There must be some  bigger solution for refugees than just letting them into the European countries. How are they going to house 2 million refugees?

You can make a donation of any size securely via our donations partner, Nochex for Charities, using the button below.

Many thanks from the Good Gardeners International team.

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We work with incredible partners to develop and install our HH systems.

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We work tirelessly to develop solutions to help tackle some of the biggest problems we face – sustainable farming and pollution-free DRY sanitation. With your help, we can accelerate this work.

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