DRY, Waterless Glamping Toilets

DRY, waterless composting glamping toilets. A luxury solution for a luxury camping experience.

Waterless Glamping Toilets

The Challenge

Glamping has skyrocketed in popularity. Savvy landowners are setting up luxury, unique holiday experiences within wilderness or plots with great views. And holidaymakers, especially those who have rediscovered their love of visiting UK destinations, are flocking to the most unique and highest-rated glamping sites. 

But setting up off-grid, whilst a romantic notion, does come with one really big issue – glamping toilets!

The HH-3 Glamping Toilets Solution

Glamping toilets are a headache because, especially for landowners with just a handful of glamping ‘properties’, it takes a lot of time, planning consent and investment to set-up toilet blocks. 

With GGI’s HH-3 DRY toilet, that’s no longer an issue. We’re seeing increased domand from glampsite owners for our composting toilets. They’re incredibly easy to install, easy to keep clean and maintain, and can be installed in any outbuilding or sheltered location you may have. 

That could be within a glamping pod itself, or you can create a dedicated composting toilet building – either individually for each glamping location, or an entire block for larger sites. 

waterless glamping toilets for glamp sites

Our Products

At GGI, we have an entire range of fantastic products that would be perfect for a glampsite owner. From our range of DRY toilets, to composting boxes and soil-improvers, we  have everything you need to create a clean, vibrant, and lush glampsite environment. 

Our Partners

We work with incredible partners to develop and install our HH systems.

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