DRY, Waterless Glamping Toilets

DRY, waterless composting glamping toilets. A luxury solution for a luxury camping experience.

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The Challenge

Glamping has skyrocketed in popularity. Savvy landowners are setting up luxury, unique holiday experiences within wilderness or plots with great views. Holidaymakers, especially those who have rediscovered their love of visiting UK destinations, are flocking to the most unique and highest-rated glamping sites. 

But setting up off-grid, whilst a romantic notion, does come with one really big issue – glamping toilets

The HH-3 Glamping Toilets Solution

Glamping toilets are no longer a headache because,  landowners with just a handful of glamping pods, can avoid planning permission and the cost of toilet blocks with septic tanks etc., 

With GGI’s HH-3 DRY toilet system that’s no longer an issue.  Working in conjunction with the HH-2 SuperFast composters  you can have a completely off grid system that requires no septic tank or mains connection. These systems are unproductive and are costly to run.  Our HH-3 toilets run inconjunction with our SuperFast composters HH-2. They require no electrical hook up or solar power connection. They’re incredibly   easy to install and do not require planning permission. They are cheap to run  and can be installed  and run by anyone who follows the instructions.

In just 90 days you will have an optimum useable fertiliser for all your trees and shrubs etc., You can even make a PROFIT from sanitation. Ask for more details.

Passing all Environmental Health and Environment Agency regulations you can switch to a completely sustainable option with the Good Gardeners Products Solutions. 


waterless glamping toilets for glamp sites

Our Products

Good Gardeners hold the world leading technology of the Simplest,  Fastest, Safest, Cheapest,  Most Productive and therefore the most advanced sanitation system  on Earth.        At GGI, we have an entire range of fantastic products that are perfect for glampsite owners. From our range of DRY toilets, to composting Hot Boxes that produce a world leading fertiliser and soil-improver in 90 days .   we  have everything you need to create a clean, vibrant,  lush and productive glampsite environment. 

Our Partners

We work with incredible partners to develop and install our HH systems.

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We work tirelessly to develop solutions to help tackle some of the biggest problems we face – sustainable farming and pollution-free  sanitation. With your help, we can accelerate this work.

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