We do Worm Farming in the Ground BBC Radio 4 Farming Today

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BBC Farming Today 8.6.24
‘Don’t cut down all your surrounding weeds, nettles, vegetation etc, These are the home of hover flies an other pollinators.’ At the same time The Govt. is allowing Neonicetineoids to combat aphids in Oil seed rape….. There is no need to fear weeds with the HH-2 Horticultural System, because we hoe every two weeks with the Wheel Hoe. We also add a yearly dressing of our Magic Compost, HH-4, This stops all kinds of pests and disease. This is better than farming with plastic coverings because you get the weed seeds germinating from the surrounding weeds then we hoe them in when they are very small and they become green manure. QED. No More Aphids…..Farming of the Future…..
The HH-2 Horticultural System with our SuperFast composting equipment breeds 15 millions worms per acre in the ground. This is a superior system to breeding worms above ground.

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