HH-7 Volcanic Rock Dust


HH-7 Volcanic rock dust. This organic product  contains 72 listed minerals.  Analysis available. Free delivery. THIS IS THE CHEAPEST PRICE ANYWHERE FOR VOLCANIC ROCK DUST. Half ton bags available  for the real enthusiasts which works out at £10.80 per 20 Kg bag.


The Good Gardeners has been accessing one of the original Rock Dust quarries in the UK  for 60 years. We supply it finely ground so it can give the nutritional benefit to animals and man by being easily absorbed by the root hairs of plants. It is a wholly organic product that contains 72 listed minerals (we can supply a detailed analyses). This is how to improve the mineral content of your food and increase the viability of young seedlings; these being strong and healthy will resist more pests and disease and climate extremes. The Greta Thunberg programme on BBC TV stated recently that we should use basalt on our fields and gardens as it is a natural fertiliser which captures the all important carbon.

Also available in 15 ton loads, write to us at info@ggi.org.uk

Topdressing, apply around all plant types at planting. On grassland to enhance grass growth and mineral content and on lawns too for good even growth.

You can mix in this finely ground rock dust to any bag of compost or finished compost from your heaps before applying to your growing area. It accelerates decomposition.      

Rate: one double handful per bucket or BOOST RATE 2 Kg per square metre. 20 Kg’s will cover 10 square metres.

Can be used as a tonic for wormeries as it helps balance the pH.

This is an organic mineral fertiliser and will help replenish poor pasture land and will enhance the production and flavour of any crop.


500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg


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