The Lost Science of Organic Cultivation by Howard and Higgins



Howard was knighted for his achievements in reducing plant pests and disease to an absolute minimum across the world, organically. Today this work is regarded as a world classic. It is the root of the fastest recycling system known to man, developed into the HH-2 Horticultural system by Higgins, that produces HH-4 that has all the attributes of a world class fertiliser and pesticide in one. No other Company, Institution or University has produced a comparable product or the subsequent equipment with which to make it. 149 pages, 17 colour plates, 2017.

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Released 2017, Howard and Higgins

Good Gardeners International has released this title with updates by Richard Higgins (Chairman) who has subsequently researched and developed the system, over the last 25 years, and has produced the modern day HH-1 Agricultural and HH-2 Horticultural Waste Management  system based on this science. This work details extreme fertility making for the modern day on any scale and has attracted contracts with Save the Children and other organisations as they see that real health and immunity from disease comes from the quality of the food we eat which we can grow ourselves. Howard describes what has gone wrong with world agriculture and how to put it right today. This is the science of how to replenish the Earth, and prevent pollution waste from the ancient Chinese civilisation 4,700 years ago, from where the science was preserved. The Chinese produced the healthiest type of soil and food through the medium of fungi and bacteria which has all but been forgotten though it is easily made and maintained today with the HH-2 equipment developed by Higgins and his subsequent HH-2 Horticultural System. Not only that, but with the development of the HH-3 Dry toilet system, the origins of which are featured in this book,  Higgins has gone on to develop the modern version of the HH-3 DRY toilet, developed for world distribution. The Good Gardeners charity show how the DRY system of sanitation best works in conjunction with the HH-2 units that have no moving parts, electrical connection or solar hook up. Higgins brings this simple but most effective technology of Dry Sanitation forward to today, through the Good Gardeners charity, and how by protecting thermophilic reaction in the HH-2 units all forms of sanitation wastes, including even the incidental addition of female sanitation wastes, are disappeared in the first 14 days of the operational process and are rendered into safe and harmless fertile soil in just 90 days by proven science. This subsequent development by Higgins has proven that all manner of organic wastes including dog waste, cat waste and all other pet waste are similarly rendered into a safe and reliable compost/fertiliser, HH-4, in just 90 days  (by scientific analysis of many leading institutions). This scientific revelation has attracted the attention of many universities of the world. By this perfection of modern recycling and combining of essential elements with the use of fungi and bacteria the soil will again become fertile and the food produced will again contain all the essential nutrients required by man and animals for proper nutritional development and help build their immune systems to prevent the onslaught of disease as it did for the ancient civilisations. Sir John Boyd Orr, director general of the UN said ” Unless we recycle everything we will not be able to produce a food suited to our needs”   In contrast to the Black Earth of the Amaronian Indians, Terra Preta, the production of which largely remains a mystery to  Cornell University, the production of HH-4 fertiliser is easily and completely understood in detail through the Good Gardeners International charity today. This work is a leading light in the search for effective waste management improved health and preventative medicine.

The alchemy of agriculture, Richard Higgins.

2 reviews for The Lost Science of Organic Cultivation by Howard and Higgins

  1. Sir Julian Rose

    “Every food we depend upon to nourish ourselves is in itself nourished by approximately 10 centimetres of top soil. Unless that top soil is maintained in a fertile and dynamic ‘living state’, we have no chance in sustaining longevity for the human race”
    The Lost Science of Organic Cultivation will show just how to achieve maximum soil fertility at absolutely no cost to the wider environment. A truly life saving formula that no agriculturist can do without.
    Sir Julian Rose, the Hardwick Estate, England.

  2. Lavon

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