The Lost Science of Organic Cultivation Howard and Higgins, 2017


Sir Albert was knighted for his achievements in reducing plant pests and diseases to an absolute minimum across the world. Today this work is regarded as a world classic. It is the root of the fastest recycling method know to man that produces all the attributes of an organic fertiliser and pesticide in one.  149 pages, 17 colour plates.        No other company or individual has produced a comparative product. Our engineers are formulating a shipping route to the USA and it will be working soon. We apologise for the delay.

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Released 2017, Howard and Higgins


1 review for The Lost Science of Organic Cultivation Howard and Higgins, 2017

  1. Sir Julian Rose

    “Every food we depend upon to nourish ourselves is in itself nourished by approximately 10 centimetres of top soil. Unless that top soil is maintained in a fertile and dynamic ‘living state’, we have no chance in sustaining longevity for the human race”
    The Lost Science of Organic Cultivation will show just how to achieve maximum soil fertility at absolutely no cost to the wider environment. A truly life saving formula that no agriculturist can do without.
    Sir Julian Rose, the Hardwick Estate, England.

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