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Donate now for Ukraine refugees. Everything you give will go to help the refugees fleeing the ghastly war in Ukraine. 

Ukrainian Refugees

Please donate for our project of straw bale building for the refugees of Ukraine. These houses are Warm, dry and very cheap to build. They can grow their own food and live in peace.

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Peters School, Eastern Uganda

Good Gardeners Sustainable Sanitation and Food Growing appeal in Jinja, Uganda.

South Western Zimbabwe

Enable Villages in South Western Zimbabwe to have the first class HH-2 waste management system along with the HH-3 DRY Sanitation System.

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Mozambique with Save the Children & Norgesvel

Installing HH-2 systems for peanut farmers in Mozambique who are experiencing Aflatoxin in their crops from over-exhausted soil.

St Vianney Junior School, Kampala

The school finds a lot of difficulties to feed the 56 orphans who are catered for in the school dormitories. Creating a school garden incorporating HH-2 technology will help.
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The Kirudef Project

Supporting the Kibaale Rural Development Foundation in Uganda on sanitation, education, health and economic development.

Kamagaga Village, Kisumu County, Kenya

Kamagaga village garden and farming project.
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Nawanatau Primary School, Moroto, Uganda

Creating a closed-loop system of food growing and dry sanitation.

Food Right Now Africa

Feeding orphans in the surrounding area of Kampala some of which are lucky enough to have school.

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Coffee Cup Recycling

The Good Gardeners have had a solution for 25 years and have been recycling them into an optimum fertiliser which we sell in shops. We have a project developing on the South Coast of the UK with a town council to demonstrate how we do this and recycle all the waste from their summer visitors which can be as many as 20,000 per day.

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Collaboration With Kent Science Park In Ghana

The Good Gardeners were invited to visit the Kent Science Park as an introduction to their hi-tech seed germination laboratory construction project.

Film For The Soil Association

In this film, Richard Higgins gives a guided tour of his HH-2 Horticultural System which was submitted for a Soil Association Competition. He talks about it’s effectiveness against disease for plants and animals

Our Partners

We work with incredible partners to develop and install our HH systems.

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We work tirelessly to install our solutions to help tackle some of the biggest problems we face – sustainable farming and pollution-free DRY sanitation. With your help, we can accelerate this work

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