Coffee Cup Recycling

The Good Gardeners have had a solution for 22 years and have been recycling them into an optimum fertiliser which we sell in shops.

A Solution

There is a lot of controversy over the mountainous waste of coffee cups around the world.

The Government also made a video about coffee cups saying that they go into landfill and remain around for 1,000 years? or don’t biodegrade… We’ve been putting them into our HH-2 system since 1995 and recycling them into fertiliser and selling it in shops. If there were a lot of HH-2’s around instead of Bio Digestors (which can’t digest coffee cups, or make a quality fertiliser that is comparable to HH-4) then there wouldn’t be mountainous wastes of coffee cups causing pollution…… HH-2 reduces polyethene into its organic compounds.


War On Waste: Recycling Coffee Cups


The Truth About Coffee Cups - They CAN Be Recycled

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