HH-4 Plant Medicine, Worm Castings, 100% Organic Compost / Fertiliser / Soil Conditioner. Over 2,000 sold!


Good Gardeners HH-4 Plant Medicine organic compost/fertiliser is a world-class product. It is an advanced formula and contains Biochar in it’s manufacture. It is the dream of many farmers, growers and gardeners as it is much more effective than biochar alone. We are affiliated with the Royal Horticultural Society. Watch here for when we have special offers- more Litres for same price go into chose an option. the options were                                     3 Ltrs, 6 Ltrs,  8 Ltrs, 10 Ltrs, 15 Ltrs

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HH-4 PLANT MEDICINE organic fertiliser/soil improver stops slugs, snails and caterpillars – you need nothing else – because it contains the right fungi and bacteria. It also stops a whole raft of other kinds of pests and diseases in plants.

This world-class fertiliser is an advanced formula, it is fully organic and is the dream of many growing organisations. We are affiliated with the Royal Horticultural Society and hold the replacement for all kinds of chemical fertiliser and pesticides. The Good Gardeners (1962) are the forerunners of the Zero Till, No Dig, system in the United Kingdom from where modern agriculture is now getting the idea. As soils become more depleted through over-cultivation, ploughing etc., and the use of toxic chemicals to grow food crops it becomes necessary to change what we are doing. This product is not only a fertiliser it is a soil conditioner and an insecticide as well.

DO NOT DIG OR RAKE INTO THE SOIL. No digging is necessary AND DO NOT ALLOW THE PRODUCT TO DRY OUT. Apply to the surface and only and water in. This is how to condition your soil the Good Gardeners way, saving valuable carbon, moisture, labour, tools and all other supplements, sprays and deterrents. You need nothing else! For flowers, pot plants, vines, all vegetables and all other crop types.

The HH-2 Horticultural System that employs solely HH-4 as its fertiliser and pesticide system does not require the soil to be dug over or ploughed. This soil disturbance kills Mycorrhiza Fungi that exist naturally in the soil.   So no need to buy Mycorrhiza separately – just don’t dig the soil and apply HH-4 as a surface dressing and your Mycorrhiza will thrive.

Using HH-4  will also be saving the environment from losing PEAT, valuable carbon and moisture. On a large scale holding this is known as  SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE  or REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE because it not only employs recycled waste on a local level it preserves all species of life and varieties of weeds, wildflowers and plants. All field borders should consist of indigenous plants that grow, offer habitat for wildlife and which can again be recycled into more fertiliser. We harvest all varieties of indigenous plants for use in our system of fertiliser manufacture as they all have unique properties. Therefore the HH-2 Horticultural System supports, generates and preserves all kinds of insects and pollinators in any part of the world..

This product made with the HH-2 equipment, HH-4, is superior to worm castings alone because it contains worm food as well and will facilitate the continual breeding of millions of worms in the ground. Thus it will increase fertility so much that you will be able to avoid using chemicals altogether. Also contained in HH-4 is Volcanic Rock Dust, which contains 72 listed minerals and Biochar (charged charcoal). This helps preserve the effects of this soil remediation for hundreds of years as charcoal is pure carbon capture and does not degrade.  Very soon when your soil becomes fertile you will encounter virtually no pests or diseases in all your crop types and on all soil types; providing sowing times are followed. Your yields can go on increasing up to 300% – 500%. The Good Gardeners Charity also works in Africa where the soils are so depleted there are massive disease problems in the soil like Aflatoxins and Banana Wilt that can destroy entire crops.

For all pot plants and specialist plants like Tulasi, Spider plants, Aloe Vera, Aspidistra, Butterfly, Buxus shrubs and ferns etc (see photos) add up to 25 mm around the top of the pot only or sow seeds directly into HH-4.

For perennials that have dwindled re-pot, placing HH-4 around the root ball and on the surface up to one inch maximum. You can rejuvenate any plant type. The shrub Buxus is prone to failure and fungal attack due to lack of nutrients in conventional composts as described on Gardeners World.  See in our pictures, large ornamental pot plants with HH-4 treatment, and those without.

For the prevention of pests and diseases on a whole bed, cover the whole bed 3 months ahead of planting. For black spot in roses apply to the root zone and water in. Apply in spring, before flowering and again in winter if the condition persists. The leaves will go greener and shinier than your roses without black spot! No chemicals are needed. Note: this is far cheaper and much less effort than having to continually apply chemical sprays and has been requested by the head gardeners of the Royal Horticultural Society for Wisley Gardens. This is a scientifically constructed product that is consistent and reliable and like no other fertiliser. It contains nematodes that stop slugs and snails.

Moths and Cabbage White butterflies etc are prevented from laying their eggs by adequate proteins being supplied to the plants by the HH-4 fertiliser. Indeed the minerals, vitamins and proteins in HH-4 Plant Medicine will be transferred naturally to your food supply and will greatly help build your immunity to disease. The Director of Good Gardeners has cured his arthritis following a compound fracture to his right arm by particularly eating Swiss Chard grown with HH-4 Plant Medicine. All health originates from healthy soil.

By renovating any soil type with HH-4 you will be saving PEAT. PEAT has never been necessary in the HH-2 Horticultural system.

You need nothing else!

Prevent loss of species.
SOS.  Save our soils.

HH-4 is 100% organic and 100% nature friendly.


Hedgehogs are our dearly beloved natural garden predators. They are being eliminated from our environment by chemical pesticides like slug pellets. This is a disaster like many other disasters in FARMING AND GARDENING TODAY. Hedgehogs eat the dead slugs that have eaten the slug pellets and then they die too. With HH-4 you can control slugs, snails and caterpillars without using any chemical pesticides. Let’s get back to nature. Preserve wildlife with HH-4.


The loss of birds in the UK is mainly due to the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides (RSPB). These kill micro-organisms in the soil which disrupt the food chain from where birds get their food. Sulphate of Ammonia, chemical fertiliser, which is used in conventional farming – low till or otherwise, kills earthworms and thus birds lose their food source. This was proven in 1938 by Doctor Claire Rayner and still we are using such chemicals in our farming system.


The loss of butterflies in the UK is also largely due to chemical farming. It is absolutely not necessary to farm with chemicals if you know how to make and use HH-4. This is a revolution in farming practice.

HH-4 Plant Medicine contains Nematodes.
Pet friendly, bird-friendly and hedgehog friendly!

HH-4 contains Nematodes that treat many common soil-dwelling baddies, such as slugs and snails, vine weevil, chafer grubs, leather jackets and even ant nests. Wireworms will go away.

HH-4 is natural organic fertiliser and pesticide in one.

Good Gardeners say that you don’t have to keep applying new nematodes. Start with HH-4 where you want to stop slugs and snails which will introduce the nematodes then maintain healthy soil by feeding it with compost periodically. Do not let your soil dry out. Your nematode population will be maintained.

Compost tea

HH-4 is ideal for making compost tea as it is the most micro-organically active substance on Earth.

HH-4 for vines

Prevent fungus attacks in vines. Apply around the whole root zone three months before the growing season – stops fungal attacks and vine weevil, mildew and downy mildew.

“Gardening should be more like Farming and Farming should be more like Gardening”
Richard Higgins, CEO Good Gardeners International.

All our shipping bags are 100% recyclable.


3 Litres, 6 Litres, 8 Litres, 10 Litres, 13 Litres, 15 Litres, 24 Litres

6 reviews for HH-4 Plant Medicine, Worm Castings, 100% Organic Compost / Fertiliser / Soil Conditioner. Over 2,000 sold!

  1. Arthur

    Added this compost to some of my patio pots and the plants that got it have noticeably grown better than the ones that didn’t. Will be ordering again.

  2. Zara Anderson, Bushey, Herts. UK

    “HH-4 fertiliser and soil conditioner is absolute MAGIC. I wish i had used it from the beginning of the season. But being a cheapskate I tried making my own and buying rotted manure. The slugs ravaged everything i planted. Finally, i went and bought 30 litres from the Good Gardeners. When i go early morning slug hunting now, i find the slugs in some kind of stupor at the boundary of this compost which i have put around each plant. They are not dead, but in some type of comatose stupor….and they haven’t ravaged my plants. When i put them in the bucket to put out in the park, they regain their senses.
    I don’t know how his compost works….but it really is magic.
    It prevents all types of disease and parasites from attacking plants. Next year i shall buy a few bags and cover my whole vegetable patch. If you adopt this No Dig HH-4 growing system, you will not require any pesticides or herbicides. Also you will not require HH-4 every year, especially when it comes to root crops. That works out cheaper than buying cheap compost every year and using some form of pesticides with it.”
    Zara Anderson, Bushey, Hertfordshire

  3. Mr. Jones

    ” Great Product”, Mr. Jones, Leicester

  4. James Compton, Edgware, London

    Best Organic fertiliser I’ve ever seen. Stops Slugs, snails and caterpillars
    James Compton, Edgware, London

  5. Priti, Watford

    I met the Good Gardeners through their demonstration farm in Well End, Hertfordshire from a newspaper advert.

    What they are doing is quite unique in that they are produccing a compost and fertiliser and pesticide in one go.
    I have used this on my garden with raised beds, where we had slugs and snails. I used to keep putting down beer traps but this is only effective so far.

    After some time I saw the effect of this HH-4 material and was amazed that the slugs and snails started going the other way, away from my raised beds

    I don’t know why this is but it seems to be the first organic product that does this. Thank you so much.
    Priti , Watford.

  6. tlovertonet

    You have observed very interesting points! ps nice internet site.

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