Mozambique with Save the Children & Norgesvel

Installing HH-2 systems for peanut farmers in Mozambique who are experiencing Aflatoxin in their crops from over-exhausted soil.

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Project Mission

Good Gardeners International and our partners Norgesvel, will fund this project 50% with Save the Children International.

We have received an MOU from Save the Children and are waiting for a formal contract. This project will be funded by the Italian company. The activities to be undertaken under this Partnership Agreement shall focus on the area of technical assistance to vulnerable households to improve their agricultural productivity and production levels and improve food safety and food hygiene.

Target Groups

  • 11,548 Under 5 children
  • 1,800 School going children between 5 and 18 years 
  • 2,971 Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) 
  • 16,440 women of reproductive age (15-49 years) 
  • 72 Facility-based Health Workers 
  • 960 Community Health Workers/Activists/Volunteers 
  • 360 Co-management and humanization committee members 
  • 1,500 Farmer Group/Association members 
  • 450 Livestock Group members 
  • 1,800 Village Savings and Loan Group (VSLG)/Accumulated Savings and Credit Association (ASCA) Group members 
  • 600 Community Water Committee members 
  • 900 Natural Resource Management Committee members 
  • 120 Livestock Promoters 
  • 13,348 total direct beneficiaries (Children) 
  • 26,173 total direct beneficiaries (adults) 
  • 39,521 total direct beneficiaries (children + adults) 
  • 39,613 total indirect beneficiaries (children) 
  • 26,409 total indirect beneficiaries (adults) 
  • 66,022 total indirect beneficiaries (children + adults) 

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