February 2014

President Obama

Radio 4 Broadcast President Obama is working with Mike Ryman to introduce  (albeit) Synthetic minerals back into farming along with composting – congratulations guys!  It’s never too late!!!! better late than never. SHAME ABOUT UK AGRICULTURE THOUGH  THEY  GO ON THINKING AGRICULTURE IS LIKE ANY OTHER BUSINESS – JUST FOR PROFIT .  NO IT’S NOT. […]

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excerpt from The Lost Science of Organic Cultivation page 103. Brahma Publications, 1997. Further Investigations …This system is adaptable to dry and monsoon conditions when the composting base is set upon a raft inside a bamboo tower. Each own of these towers reaching to say each of the three floors of a building. If floods

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Cancer Tuesday 4th February: The BBC World News are headlining that  WHO (Then World Health Organisation) have announced that the world is facing a tidal wave of CANCER. We must address the issues of obesity, alcohol and smoking. We are not going to solve this problem by the treatment route. Their (WHO) suggestion is to

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