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Tuesday 4th February: The BBC World News are headlining that  WHO (Then World Health Organisation) have announced that the world is facing a tidal wave of CANCER. We must address the issues of obesity, alcohol and smoking. We are not going to solve this problem by the treatment route.

Their (WHO) suggestion is to reduce this phenomena by putting up the price of alcohol and sugar.


The solution from the SuAgLon point of view is that it is about the food and about the water we drink. The Depletion of minerals in our food and the impure water we are drinking are the main causes of cancer.


These are essential in our food if we are to avoid all kinds of illness and disease along with properly synthesized vitamins and proteins. The Bodies responsible for the welfare of humanity should advocate the re-introduction of these elements into our food supply to reduce the National Health deficit, for their own sake if not for everybody else’s; rather than allowing industry to take them out and sell them back to us in the form of supplements (as in the case of bread). The consumption of minerals etc., through supplements is far, far less effective than the uptake of these elements through food grown properly with mineral rock dust etc., This is explained within these pages.

Water supply

For many years we (SuAgLon) have used the water purification system known as ‘water purification by sedementation’ as described by Victor Schauberger (1943). ‘Water that travels long distances through metal pipes causes cancer’ he writes…Therefore local water supplies are better, although of course bore holes are expensive. More on water sourcing and storage later.


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