Month: June 2015

GM Trials Fail

Farmers at the Loncolnshire show still think that GM has a role to play as they say we have to reduce the amounts of herbicide and pesticides in the world crops. Yes, and this is done by practicing real organic farming methods. Not by GM technology – where weeds [pig weed] for example, grow and …

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Able Child Africa

Only 2% of disabled children in Africa attend a school. Scholarly articles about disabilities and poor food quality. This is why it is essential that everyone gets good nutritional food in Africa As grown by the HH system of Agriculture/Horticulture

Pig meat contains MRSA superbug

Guardian article:   epidemic out of control- read for yourself, animal MRSA can jump species LA-MRSA CC398 – main victims are those who work with pigs and it can be passed by shaking hands and is resistant to many antibiotics. Apparently society wants cheap meat and cheap milk. No, the supermarkets want these things …

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Release of nutrient reserves in the soil

The release of nutrient reserves in soil. Taken from The Potash Development Association 10. Soils invariably contain total quantities of plant nutrients that greatly exceed the amounts that are immediately available to plants. Two methods of increasing plant availability of this store of nutrients are being suggested, neither of which seems to have any reasonable …

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