Rocket Stove Building with Tin and Clay

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This innovative rocket stove was designed on the Well End Micro-farm by Matt Coston and Richard Higgins. It has now been finally tweaked to boil a LITRE of water in 3 minutes.

Come and build rocket stoves in the green belt of north London on the Well End Micro-farm

Using 5 gallon paint tins we can create the rocket effect that is so important for Africa and the economy of cooking anywhere. These stoves are made from stabilized clay – otherwise known as Siv. They can cook chips with the same out put as an electric cooker on full blast.

You will be mixing the semi prepared clay and forming the rocket chamber with our prepared formers. This is a very enjoyable passtime and can help benefit the world  by reducing the need for cutting timber for fuel. They burn with very little fumes as the thin twig principle means you get a hotter flame with more air for efficient combustion.

We show how various pots and woks can cook really fast with adjustments for air venting.

This half day course is also offering an insight into biochar too as this type of stove produces char and/or ash.. (both of which are required in compost making).

Course suspended while we look for a new farm


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