10 million will die unecessarily

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According to the BBC world service, 11 Dec 2014, the world population will be reduced by 10 million due to anti-biotic resistant diseases that will cause unnecessary early deaths.

This will deficit the world economy by trillions of dollars. ($63Tn by 2050)

In order to re establish good immune systems for the populace it is advisable to farm appropriately and create good immune systems by growing healthy food. This we advocate on our Home Page.

Speaking to Elm Farm Research we find from Lawrence Smith, head of the  sustainable research department that there is no funding from the government for sustainable research systems. He tells us that they only want to research high tech solutions. The same is told us by Rothamsted Research.

Thus the cost of not carrying out research for such solutions, as will repair people’s natural immunity, will cost this country an amount equivalent to 35 years of the UK’s total generated output by 2050.



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