Conversion of UUDT toilets in Ugnada to Howard-Higgins system HH -2

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To convert UDDT toilets such as this newly donated  block in Uganda we placed plastic buckets underneath the toilet housings raised up on other plastic containers. The buckets were lined with bioliners and above in the toilets was placed another bucket of covering medium. Signs were posted to encourage users to sprinkle the covering medium at every use, replacing the use of ash. Our covering medium would be finished compost which contains billions of micro organisms per scoopful. In lieu of having any finished compost we used chopped grass, chopped corn leaves etc.,

conversion to Howard Higgins Eco San

The staff went round checking from the top when the units were full. Then early in the morning the toilets are closed and the units removed via this access door and replaced with a new bucket and bioliner installed. The full buckets were taken to compost in the HH -2 units.

All that is required to convert such a block to a sustainable system are these easy to find plastic buckets that are available in any market place.


The bioliners and some string to tie around the top of the buckets. The cost is minimal but the results are: fertiliser in 90 days!


conversion of new UDDT toilet block, Uganda
conversion of new UDDT toilet block, Uganda


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