Flea Beetle

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Farmers in the UK are suffering from the Flea Beetle. The attack of this pest appears like  shotgun wounds on plants and wipes them out.

Farmers interviewed on Farming Today say they don’t want to have to apply more sprays to their oil seed rape to combat this pest as they are now banned from using neonicetinoids, but they are going to have to.

They say they have enough problems with aphids. Up to 25% of a crop can be lost to aphids.

There are no such pests with HH-4

My demo farm, in south Hertfordshire, displays in all weather conditions that we have no such pests by using HH-4 compost/fertiliser. Anyone can make this material on farm and it would save the farmers and the environment and the supermarkets and the consumer vast amounts of money. If only they could see it.

Radio 4 will not entertain me in interview to this effect. – Why?



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