Vitamin K injections

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A visitor to Well End told me recently that in the UK all children are given a vitamin K injection at the time of birth, unless you specifically refuse this offer.  What supplies vitamin K. If we simply google this we find:

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In Howard’s time many communities world-wide were consuming foods from humus fed soil. They did not contract the diseases of the time like mumps, rubella, measles, whooping cough and even the common cold, without any inoculation. There were virtually no cases of birth defects, disability or degenerative diseases. They had built up good immune systems.

The problem with modern farming today is that there is no humus content in the soil. This is due to the concept that farming is all about yield rather than about productivity. Every square inch is about producing yield, rather a portion of each agricultural/horticultural project should be about producing fertility for creating healthy soil that produces healthy food.

This is why there is less immunity in modern people.

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