A full-cycle growing and sanitation solution.

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The Challenge

Councils up and down the country are interested to lower their carbon footprint by improved methods of waste management and effective carbon sequestration.

The well-meaning general public want to assist, if only more accurate recycling bins can be installed. Then the segragated waste can go to HH-2 operating systems, saving oil and pollution, avoiding transporting these wastes to overflowing land fil, bio digestors or to incinerators which emit carcinogens into the atmosphere.

The HH Solution

The end product from bio digestors does not stop slugs, snails or caterpillars in any growing system. We have our HH-1 scaled-up agricultural solution for farmers which can sidestep biodigesters.
Therefore, the investment of the HH-2 processors set up locally and operated locally will alone save thousands and thousands of pounds and of tonnes of CO2 in the manufacture of chemical pesticides. To be really green, councils will get the feather in the cap by lowering CO2 emissions with each set of HH-2 processors they install.
They are low cost, have no electrical requirement or fuel supply and are guaranteed for 20 years – without breakdown! Each pair can transform 12 tons of organic waste per year into optimum fertiliser and put it back into the ground without any methane emissions or carbon loss.
Sequestering carbon by sinking it into the ground in this way sequesters more carbon than the planting of trees. 
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