CSA at The Well End Micro-farm

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The Well End  HH-2 CSA Micro-farm model                            Supporting the concept of the ORFC that smallholdings are better than big holdings.

Agricultural researcher and author Richard Higgins has founded a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programme at the Well End Micro-farm.

-project in the village of Well End (south) Hertfordshire.


Some years ago he completed a ten year study of the fertility making works of the World Classic author Sir Albert Howard CIE., MA., etc.,

Howard spent 30 years in India researching organic husbandry and so successful was his work that it spread all around the world and was the founding cause of the Soil Association.


Richard Higgins has unlocked these works from the British Library and  now teaches and trains growers in these principles in Africa and India and the UK as they are not currently taught by the Soil Association or anywhere else.


The UK is crying out for these original organic principles because people in general are lacking high nutrient value food which is responsible for the many degenerative ailments that are prevalent today.

DEFRA have announced that the mineral content of UK food is declining.



This is a very serious decline in agriculture and needs to be reversed.

Richard has  developed from the work of Sir Albert Howard a way of increasing nutrient uptake in all his fruits and vegetables which seems to relieve any type of ailment. Indeed he has cured his own oasteoarthritis by this method of cultivation.


Richard, being originally a student at the Royal Berkshire College of Agriculture, finds these fertility making systems the easiest he has come across in any system of cultivation and they give the fastest results too. Therefore his HH-2 CSA model  will provide nutrient rich fruit and veg in the simplest way  possible to its members. He is a member of the McCarrison Society on nutrition and a lecturer to the Soil Association and this programme is supported by the Plunkett Foundation.

On appearing at the Hammonds End CSA in Harpenden for a learning visit armed with his long stem thermometer, he was coined the compost doctor



This is Richard’s  favourite aspect of horticulture and growing. He has been offered trials on nutrient uptake from his HH-2 horticultural growing system by the Department of Sustainable Systems, Rothamsted Research, who visited his farm recently to witness his 24 inch courgettes and 19 inch parsnips that have been grown on land that has not been cultivated for 35 years. His Superfast composter units known as HH-2 generate prolific fungi and bacteria which produce the optimum fertiliser/soil conditioner he calls  HH-4. This applied to the surface only, without any digging  prevents attacks from slugs, snails, caterpillars and aphids etc., on any crop type.

He is a registered supplier of Volcanic Rock Dust and HH-4 fertiliser/soil conditioner to growers, landscape gardeners and allotment holders and is the registered importer of Hoss Tools, USA

Last year the Micro-farm erected a post and rail kitchen with a cafe area and a fully insulated pavillion to facilitate the members.

Please call 07983 439 171 if you are interested in membership so you can come and grow your very own nutrient rich fruit and veg.

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