Mud Cookies Served up in Haiti

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Mud cookies served up as food in Haiti

 This is a disaster on the door step of the West.

Sustainable Agriculture London is now sistered with Good Gardeners International a charity that has a forty year  track record in the No-Dig principle of food production. We are looking for funding (Donation) so we can go back to Haiti with our HH-2 Horticultural Growing system so we can grow them proper food from the waste that is generated everywhere and the dirt they eat. please see our page ‘on location’ of our previous work there.

The HH-2 Units last for 25 years and can provide 12 tons of optimum fertiliser/soil conditioner per year, that can easily be made by one man alone. This will provide proper food for a huge number of people. The children can learn how to work this simple system and pass it on the their children.

We operate a set up and training programme to teach people the HH-2 composting method, similar to the system we taught in 2010 and to grow food for themselves.

We have a great connection with CRS (Catholic Relief Services) and would hope to work again in partnership with them.


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