Rethinking Farming

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At last its time to rethink farming. Re: Farming Today’s Rethink Week

Nature can change our ways in many forms. Not only with disease but with economics.

Don’t be alarmed by such a statement it was enunciated by Sir Albert Howard 100 years ago.

TRH The Prince of Wales gives a nice speech on returning to growing our own food.

-Housing having access to allorments-  This is a brilliant idea. Rather than building on more and more amenity land as is happening in the North London Green belt councils should recognise that good amenities are essential in good planning. While before the Covid-19 plans were passed to build in the Green Belt on many of the Horse stables and farms in this region where I myself live. Now with the kind of broadcast we are hearing today we will be regretting such decisions to build on this vital amenity land.

If you link together the overall scientific observation that real health comes from your own immunity and resistance to disease we should be very interested in the food we eat and the quality of that food. This is the mission of Sustainable Agriculture London and Good Gardeners Internatinal. It is gradually becoming more recognised that the principles that we advocate for soil remediation and agricultural tehnique as per the last post Monty Don goes No Dig. We sent him 2 large bags of HH-4 to his home at Long Meadow. He has tried this out as per the instructions on the bag and has stated ‘that the best thing you can do is apply compost over the winter and not dig the soil over’. Then in Spring you can easily plant. This saves some much money and labour and chemicals and insecticides etc.,

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We would like to point out here that stark difference between the conventional system of ploughing and ciltivating to attain a seed ben as aopposed to not ploughing and mukching and composting to get a seed bed.


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