Wendell Berry talks on Howard

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Food writer, author, farmer and poet Wendell Berry talks about Albert Howard….at  6.50  and  19.00 minutes

…First we have got to change the standards in agriculture – first we have to start with studying the nature of the place….and we have to change farming from – Productivity to Fertility.

From the Food Programme BBC Radio 4 28th August 2015. They go on to talking about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)



Sustainable Agriculture London started their CSA project at the Well End Micro-farm in July this year.  Our Micro-farm is based upon the fertility making practices of Sir Albert Howard now consolidated into the HH-2 Horticultural/Agricultural System. We hope to be presenting this model at the next Oxford Real Farming Conference in January 2016. If you are interested in this concept and don’t live on our side of the country please attend this conference and see how you can get involved with producing your own food. The CSA movement is transforming local food production here and in America.


Further reading

100 years later… Farming Today

Some of the principles that Howard wrote about 100 years ago are just being talked about in this broadcast of Farming Today. From the Groundswell

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