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The Good Gardeners open day for 2017 is on Saturday 2nd September – and is located on our demo farm in South Hertfordshire. All are welcome 9.30 – 4.30  Please write in for directions


The Good Gardeners was started in 1962 and in 1966 became a registered charity (reg charity no. 255300) and has completed many years of research and development. It was all conceived when Ramsay Shewell Cooper (the original founder) returned from the war and was horrified at how many chemicals were being put onto our farms and gardens in order to grow crops successfully.

The current director
Richard Higgins NDA

We have now moved into the International field to tackle hunger and poverty with our technology. We are dedicated to training the No Dig method of food production because it improves the nutritional content of the food and how our method of DRY sanitation (HH-3) will safely increase food production across the world.  Our HH-2 Horticultural System now enables communities, farmers and schools etc., to grow pest and disease resistant crops by totally natural means. Click on this link to see our research site        which covers the archives on our approach to all types pest and disease


Two Problems

Food and Hygiene

Many children go hungry at home and in school in Africa. Very few are fed the leafy green vegetables essential to a healthy diet.

Poor and overworked soils, lack of resources to buy chemicals to keep off pests and disease, and water shortages are all to blame. Poor sanitation leads to dangerous untreated effluents causing drinking water pollution.

All contribute to problems of malnutrition and disease.

One Solution

The HH-2 Horticultural System enables any school or community to grow its own fruit and vegetables with a much higher standard of nutrition than conventionally grown food.

HH-2 turns human waste into a completely safe and hugely effective soil rejuvenator, without any digging. This improves the microbial life in the soil, the health of the plants grown upon it and in turn will improve the health and nutrition of the children and staff in each school.

Because the soil structure is kept in tact more nutrients become available to the plants grown and this will change the nutritional quality of the diet and hence the children’s full capacity for development. With Good Gardeners they will also learn a most important skill – how to protect their water sources, produce their own healthy food adopt a more Vegan style diet and improve their environment.

So why a charity and not just a business?

Put simply, we can do things that conventional businesses can’t. We take the time to travel to remote schools and rural communities, look at how they dispose of their human waste, and how we can easily close pit latrines and install our DRY toilets. How we can incorporate the HH-2 Horticultural System into a growing and feeding scheme for the school. All this costs time and money.

To install a complete system with a full education programme also costs money. But it should be seen as a long term investment, not a cost. The benefits for schools, their children and staff will go on for ever.

We need help to get this investment to the people that need the most help – the Children of the future.


It sounds too good to be true

In 1995 Richard Higgins, farmer, entrepreneur and CEO of Good Gardeners, discovered the works of Sir Albert Howard who was knighted for his 30 years research into organic farming during the last century. Unfortunately for world agriculture his work slid into obscurity with the advent of the chemical industry following the end of the Second World War.

Over the last 22 years Richard has built upon the work of the Good Gardeners  and has researched and tested the soil fertility making practises that Sir Albert pioneered. His methods are now condensed into the HH-2 Horticultural System. Richard lectures and demonstrates this system with tutorials through Colleges and Universities in the UK.

Over cultivation of the soil, the continued use of pesticides and fertilisers, is leading to a tsunami of unsolved pest and disease problems. Ploughing destroys microbial life in the soil and leads to the loss of moisture and valuable carbon. The HH-2 System has been demonstrated to reverse these soil degradation problems, and reduces all types of agricultural pests and diseases.

Richard has designed and developed the HH-3 DRY Toilet that requires no water for flushing. The human waste is safely incorporated into the HH-2 system, contributing to the pathogen free highly effective soil rejuvenator known as HH-4 which has  supremely effective carbon sequestration properties.

Further details of the remarkable HH-2 system are here.

Especially important for rural communities, the simple and easy to use HH-2 system brings huge health and sanitation benefits, as well as an opportunity for employment and as an income earner for micro scale local business.

Good Gardeners International’s mission is to pioneer the revolutionary HH-2 system across the world. See the remarkable story here.

Bringing HH-2 to Africa and the World

Good Gardeners has extensively trialled and tested the HH-2 system from the Haiti earthquake in 2010 to scaled up trials in Kampala in 2012.

Further projects are now underway in Africa but we urgently need donations to help bring our mission and dreams to a much greater reality.

Our Finances

A donation to Good Gardeners International is one of the best gifts you can give to help bring long term self-sustainable food production to the Children of Africa. Go to our Donate button.