Miracle HH-4 compost used on College courses in St. Albans

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Miracle compost HH-4 as used by our GGI Tutor, in St. Albans, has now attracted three jobs for herself teaching the No Dig Gardening System employing our miracle HH-4 compost. Not only that but so impressed are the staff at the Oaklands College, St. Albans, they have offered her official teacher training paid for by the Oaklands College in St. Albans.

Her raised bed that grew an 8 month crop of Swiss Chard last year on only a 2 inch dressing of HH-4 on concrete, and has self seeded over the winter generating many SuperHealthy seedlings that she can take to her other teaching projects . With only a sprinkling of HH-4 compost this Spring she planted one lettuce plant to see what happened.

The previous year this raised bed was palnted with Swiss Chard on only 2 inches of miracle HH-4 compost             ON CONCRETE!

Sabrina trained with us on our Well End Micro-farm during the time we were based in the Village of Shenley, Worcestershire. She has now formed a career based on the Science of No Dig Gardeneing. Sabrina also has a degree in Nutrition and interested to persue this interest by teaching the growing principles of the Good Gardeners which creates the nutrition in the plants.

The opportunities offered by The Good Gardeners is open to all. Anyone who wants to achieve the same as Sabrina is open to them also. After 60 years of promoting No Dig Gardening the science is still greatly unknown. We need to spead this knowledge more and get it taught in mainstream Horticulture and Gardening for the benefit of humanity.

Anyone who tries the miracle HH-4 compost available on this web site under SHOP will see the effects it has on all types of crops and on all soil types. Also they will see the deterant effect it has on all kinds of plant pests and diseases. They will also experience the nutritional benefits of eating food grown this way.

With the rising cost of good food it is now becoming essential to teach people how to grow thier own food. Even for poeple who don’t have a garden SuperHealthy food can be grown on a concrete patio or on a balcony with our miracle HH-4 Compost.



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