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Dear Mike and Gigi (both run NGO’s for on the ground work in Haiti)

Our recent trials in Uganda  came up with a negative reading for target pathogens after processing for 14 days in a 1.5m3 Howard-Higgins Hot Box:
sanitation waste and kitchen refuse from 35 houses, collected in bioliners
300 MHM pads and 200 Peepoo bags (full) all in our 1.5m3 Hot Box.
(see pictures above) Producing an optimum fertilizer in 30-90 days.
We hope that someday  we may be able to introduce this simple and effective sanitation system to Haiti.
The rocket stove only uses fallen twigs and waste wood, leaves etc., and to cook a meal for 6 people you drop into the top chamber, 3 cow dung cannon balls, when the fire is going (last picture).
 Pictures would only come to you via email

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