The Purposes of the HH -2 composting system

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Richard Higgins, author and researcher.

While others have commercialized various agricultural products to sell to farmers we are teaching how any farmer and for example, the 70% of Africans who are rural poor, can transform their own farm and household waste products into the most valuable fertilser – for FREE.

The results of doing this type of work on your land are:

Any farmer or grower can introduce micro-organic life back into any soil type in the fastest possible way.

Any farmer or grower can double and even triple crop production.

Any farmer/grower can avoid the need to apply type of chemicals  to his crops, synthetic or organic.

How anyone can set up the cheapest, fastest and safest sanitation system on the planet by following our simple operational technique. HH -2

This hugely cost effective system means with just a little labour you will by bypassing all the infrastructure needed in a normal sanitation installation. Further details to follow or for questions answered please email Richard:


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