Kampala trials for the New Howard Higgins Hot Box

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The Susan Design team, which I am partnered with, has spent 1 month in Kampala, setting up and testing for scientific results of bulk treatment of stored santitation waste and composted sanitation waste for reuse in agriculture. The University farm site was visited by a group “Slum Developers International” who have 1 million members. They were present for the turning out of the sanitation waste from 36 houses and 300 MHM pads , at the 14 day period, in the 1.5 cu M Hot Box. None were found. This is more than likely another world first in the science of composting.  Other pictures to be found on Sustainable Sanitation Desgn page of Facebook.


when the material was turned out the farmers exclaimed “fertilizer” in their excitement and prospects for their farm.


At the very bottom some remants of Bio liners were found but these will disappear rapidly in the scondary heat increase before the 30 day period.

The scientific results for pathogen testing will be out in either 90, 60 or 30 days, this decision has not been taken yet.

These prototype composters will be made into  heavy duty durable Hot Boxes for distribution across Africa.

in Hot Box 1B and there were none to be found.

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