Letter to BBC Farming Today on Neonics

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In reply to their broadcast of Wednesday 20th July

Dear Staff

Following on from our interview with Farming Today at the Luton Studio on GM crops….we have solutions to the problems created by the use of Neonicotinoids in agriculture.
We have not used neonics or any other chemical fertilisers or pesticides in 25 years of growing a wide variety of crops with no loss of crops to insect infestations. Our approach is soil based, is becoming increasingly cheaper to operate than any chemical system, and is the basic solution to pests and diseases across the board in Farming Today.
Entimology can work in conjunction with this science but infact is not actually necessary in successful managemnt of pest prevention in crops. Ours is a superior science as I have lectured at Oxford, Warwick, Coventry and Harper Adams Universities. Also I have stated our case to Rothamstead Reserch Centre in a forty five minute discussion with their top five soil scientists where I was invited to do so by Maurice Molony the Director at the time.
If you and the rest of the world want a simple answer to these problems including stopping the most prolific pests such as slugs, snails and caterpillars which we have also solved over 25 years with our soil ammendemnt alone please write to us for an interview.
Also this last summer, having moved our offices to South Wales, we have successfully turned Wales’s worst weed, Japanese Knot Weed, into an optimum fertiliser. We are selling this on ebay and through our own web site.
Please see our web site  www.ggi.org.uk
Best regards
Richard Higgins



Registered Charity 255300    Est. 1962

Development and Science Lab  –  South Wales

Richard Higgins CEO and Motivational Speaker at COP26

Member of the APPG on Agroeclogy at the House of Commons

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Letter to BBC Farming Today on Neonics

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