Liver disease from Glyphosate

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Trials have been undertaken revealing that Glyphosate, one of the most popular weed killers in mainstream agriculture, has been shown to cause liver disease in rats. The need for any of the following are unnecessary in the HH-2 system of sustainable farming.

Kings College London  have tested this product and have found that even at 75,000 times below permitted levels the disease is still prevalent in rats. This study was arranged by the Sustainable Food Alliance. what are the implications for humans? They are ingesting far higher amounts in their commercially grown food than rats are.

studies indicate that we need to re study the implications of commercially produced glyphosate  that is mixed with other toxic chemicals  and see if it causes non alcoholic fatty liver disease. 25% of the US population have this disease. Dr. Mark Buckingham of Monsanto UK – “Of course this product will be withdrawn if this is proved”….. But (WHO)…. say they are very aware of the benefits of this most comprehensive weed killer.

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The argument against Glyphosate has been going on for years. Do you want to continue the risk to human health by continuing to ingest it? Or return to a more natural system of farming?

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