No Dig Veg – increases production

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3 foot cabbages
16″ parsnips
enormous greens
HH-2 waste management
HHI wheel hoe
Steve from Good Gardeners Bermuda Office visits Well End

leave alone strawberries
do not rake them do not dig them

The HH-2 Horticultural System means no digging of the soil. No Chemicals added and Pests and Disease are brought to an absolute minimum.


This is the opposite to conventional agriculture that ploughs the land and applies many chemicals. The principle of return is the objective, but returning organic matter in the right condition is the all important feature of the HH-2 agricultural/horticultural system








enormous greens. These were bought cheap end of last year as out of season. Cut  out the bottom of the pots and the roots go straight into our HH-4 fertiliser!
HH-2 system means rotations become less important
keeping power is increased


row cropping system


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