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Pesticides week on Farming Today. Bio rational pesticides.  Discussion on this subject goes up to 3.50 minutes only.

Professor Tarrick Butt: biological microbial agents like fungi, but there are new ways of deploying these agents. One strategy is lure and kill…….This is far far less efficient than generating the right soil conditions everywhere – to prevent pest attacks everywhere –  for stress and kill; 1% use of a recommended dose of a chemical can reduce the capacity of the pest and so it becomes weakened. They are looking at Nematodes and other insects to conquer things in one go.  Stress and kill is achieved

Ben Clunny is a PhD student working on wireworm, trying to find a biological solution to this especially is devastation in potatoes.

But at Sustainable Agriculture London/Good Gardeners International we already have generated namatodes in all our soil and we feed them appropriately, so the cost of maintaining them reduces.

grown at Sustainable Agriculture London



The HH-2 Solution

This is the sustainable solution to the problem.  It must be stressed here that Howard, the originator of this science, had this solution 100 years ago as did the Chinese for the last 4,000 years. The subject is completely covered in Howard’s work which is expounded by Good Gardeners International/Sustainable Agriculture London

Cauliflower, no pests, no disease, no chemicals

Further reading

100 years later… Farming Today

Some of the principles that Howard wrote about 100 years ago are just being talked about in this broadcast of Farming Today. From the Groundswell

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