Permaculture 2012 Convergence – biochar display

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New England Biochar Burner goes to Old England!

The Biochar produced (from Peter Hirst’s burner) needs to be crushed and added to compost before being applied to the land because char is inert.

Biochar burner of Peter Hirst (USA)

1. loading the inner 45 gal. barrel with scrap pallet timber or any dry organic waste

2.loading the circular burning chamber with dry twigs and lighting from top for a downwards burn, reaches 1200f

3.placing double insulated vent stack on top to effect a clean burn, smoke soon disappears

4.baking can be done below vent stack on top of inner barrel, cooking pots on top

5. depending on regulated ventilation you can get up 20 hrs space heating from this unit, emitting only CO2 and     water vapour.

6.separating barrels at end of “Pyrolysis” burn – A full inner barrel produces a 1/3rd barrel of biochar

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