Potato Cyst Nematodes

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BBC Radio 4 Farming Today  broadcast of 15th March, 2017

Potato Cyst Nematodes

I called Dr. Buggs, the head of research at Kew Gardens 20th March. He commented on my suggestion that such a disease can be cured by soil amendment. He replied that this disease is an airborne disease and cannot therefore be addressed by soil conditions. I replied that phytophthora Infestans has been proven to have been cured by soil conditions, although  this is also an air borne disease….

The British Potato Council:

48% of British potato farmers are hit by Potato Cyst Nematodes. And up to £26M is lost every year to this disease. This again we have cured/prevented over 20 years ago. These particular female nematodes can persist in soil for 20 years.

Matt Black of Harper Adams:  the Centre for Integrated Pest Management:

Without Nematicides they could lose much more. They are producing bio fumigation techniques I.E., from hot peppers.


The Scots however have a treatment:

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