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Hello and Welcome to membership of Good Gardeners International

You can join the Good Gardeners with an annual subscription by clicking this link  membership £50   You will receive free growing advice on the No Dig system/Zero till for your farm, garden or growing project and how to maintain a really healthy soil, wherever it is.


Donate £250 and you will be sending a GGI Wheel Cultivator to a school in Africa. This takes children off the fields and back to school. Note: by engaging the the HH-2 system of fertility making the soil tilth becomes very soft and then the wheel cultivator is the perfect implement for weeding.  It is 100 times faster than hoeing by hand.


                    Good Gardeners International


Richard Higgins, the current director had his own web site for many years  He has brought together  the team that will be training and installing the HH-2 Horticultural and Waste Management system that is destined for  Peters’ School, which was surveyed and approved by all the staff in 2016. Now many more schools and Communities have applied to the Good Gardeners also.


By recommendation of  the previous Chairman Ramsay Shewell-Cooper and David Wilkin, of Pinetum Products (the previous chairman before him) Richard has now  taken  over the role as the current chairman/director.


The Head office is now situated in Shenley Park, Hertfordshire and we are looking for a new demonstration farm as our previous location has been sold for development.

Richard has been confronting mainstream agriculture for a number of years on the state of soil degredadtion  in the UK                                  

Also in Africa 67% of all soils are degraded and overworked.


Richard met TRH the Prince of Wales at Poundbury and lectured at Coventry University on the Howard principles in 2009.



Richard sent his Coventry lecture “Nigeria to go Organic” in 2005 to Prince Charles and received an immediate reply from HRH., who was very pleased that Richard gave this lecture seeing that he himself was unable to present a  Howard Memorial Lecture that year


Richard has made several broadcasts on the subject of soil remediation which solves the problems of pests and diseases in farming and gardening and has lectured to the Soil Association at their event ‘year of the Soil’ in 2001.

Following this broadcast Richard was invited to meet the top five soil scientists at Rothamsted Research, the oldest research station in the world, where Howard had association 100 years previous.





The No Dig school you might say started just after the war in 1947, as far as we can determine, with the publication of this little booklet Gardening without digging, which we still use today. All members receive this booklet which is currently being updated with the kind permission of Marshalls. 


It gives full instructions for planting without digging with a comparison to the conventional method with digging. Results are becoming increasingly recognised for the extended benefits of the no dig system.

Howard’s work spread all over the world and indeed the New Zealand compost box was employed by him for many many years.

Richard has made the first major changes to the New Zealand Box in the last 100 years. Howard’s concept of culturing specific fungi and bacteria is now detailed in the HH-2 Operators Manual. With this process you can create the consistent and fertile end product known as FRESH HUMUS or HH-4. These Hot Boxes are self convecting and self condensing and retain the valuable moisture that is added at the outset of the operational process. One pair of these boxes can produce 12 tons of HH-4 per year.




And the Good Gardeners HH-3 DRY compost toilet system uses no water for flushing.  It works in conjunction with The HH-2, as an optional extra. The HH-2 is a Superfast composting system that produces the finished product, HH-4, in 90 days.


Doing surveys in Africa took Richard to the source of the Nile and the Jinja forest. He invited many schools and they were keen to talk about introducing the HH-2 Horticultural System as they had not been able to afford the chemicals needed to deal with the pests that attack the leafy brassicas. Thus children are suffering from under nutrition or malnutrition. This is common across Africa.

Pit latrines have been the norm for decades across Africa and now the HH-2 technology is available as an option to change over to a sustainable system that produces food with the end product. This is known as productive sanitation and benefits any community that uses it.



H e l p i n g   f a r m e r s   a n d   c o m m u n i t i e s  a c r o s s  A f r i c a  a n d  t h e  U K

with the HH-2 Horticultural System


we breed seeds for export with more disease resistance and yield increase
we breed seeds for export with more disease resistance and yield increase

Please join the Good Gardeners and encourage the new generation to join  Good Gardeners International too. If you are continuing your membership please send us your email address and browse this new web site.  We can set up a seed bank wherever we install the HH-2 system. This will give the people a sustainable future which they can control themselves. Our aim is to provide this organic system so all peoples can grow their own healthy food where possible which can easily become income generating. This will help them to stop leaving their villages for cities and for further afield.

Thank you,

The Trustees,

                         Tammi Gustafson    Amie Higgins    Alison Appiah     Richard Higgins